With the DMREx we are starting a new era in the real estate industry. With a virtual Expo innovative real estate companies and PropTechs present themselves to guests from all over the world in a virtual 3D world. This includes virtual exhibition stands, conference rooms, get-togethers, cafés and much more. We create the necessary tension with regular special events. Be there for the start.

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Below is a first overview of the keynotes within the DMREx.



Welcome to Digital Berlin

  • Dr. Stefan Franzke, CEO, Berlin Partner

AI in real estate – the silver bullet for the industry?

  • Thomas Herr, CEO, EVANA

Digital transformation of Real Estate: Challenges from the point of view of a facility services provider

  • Daniel Ziegler, Business Lead Strategic Projects, sysnexs

Philipp Weber, FPS

  • Getting the deal through - Venture Capital Financing for PropTech Start-ups and (Corporate) Venture Capital Investors

CBRE Market Briefing: What will real estate assets markets look like post-Corona?!

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander von Erdély, CEO Germany, CBRE GmbH

  • Dr. Jan Linsin, Head of Research Germany, CBRE GmbH

Reoccupying the World’s Workplace

  • Oliver Küppers, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier, CBRE GmbH

  • Pawel Krolikowski, Head of Workplace Consulting, CBRE GmbH

Navigating through the Proptech Jungle

  • Dr. Susanne Hügel, Head of Digital Innovation & Business Acceleration Continental Europe, CBRE GmbH

  • Julian Hagenschulte, Head of Digital Advisory, CBRE GmbH

Win-win: This is how the cooperation between established companies and start-ups succeeds

  • Henning Zander, Head of Start-up-Programs, Aareal Bank Group

How big data analytics and machine learning strengthen your portfolio optimization and investment decisions

  • Christian Crain, Managing Director, PriceHubble Germany

KI – Künstliche Intelligenz revolutioniert den Real Estate Markt Untertitel: Intelligente Vernetzung von Menschen Gebäuden und Businessprozessen

  • Klaus Dederichs, Drees & Sommer, Partner, Head of Information an Communication Technology (ICT)

Blockchaintechnologie im Real Estate Umfeld – Echte Potenziale, Chancen, Mehrwerte

  • Achim Jedelsky, President of FIBREE, Drees & Sommer, Manager, Blockchain an Digital Advisory

Digital Circular Design leads to Material Banks in Real Estate

  • Pascal Keppler, Digital Circular Expert @EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer

How Deep Tech startups transform the construction industry

  • Manfred Heid, Managing Partner, BitStone Capital

Common mistakes in data strategies on Real Estate business

  • Toni Luhti, CEO, Platform of Trust

Road to the future with opportunities and challenges of proptech

  • Imre-Gustav Vellamma, Co-Founder, R8 Technologies

Living in the Future

  • Daria Saharova, Managing Partner, Vito ONE

Corona Effect: How the Agile Organisation of a Company Helps to Adapt to Change Faster

  • Sebastian Schuon, Founder, Alasco

Unlocking advanced property analytics: The power of objective architectural quality analyses

  • Roman Schneider, CCO, Archilyse

Trends and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Financing

  • Michael Seeberg, CEO, Hypcloud


  • N.N., PlanRadar


  • Dr. Tobias Wagner, CEO, ShareYourSpace


  • Johannes Braith, Co-Founder, Storebox

The Rise of PropTech Japan

  • Daigo Sato, Associate, Digital Base Capital

PropTech Trends in Japan and The Roles of Commuity

  • Reiho Sakurai, Global Team, PropTech JAPAN

A Paradigm Shift in the Analog Mortgage Industry with Mortgage Tech

  • Tomoya Yoshikawa, Overseas Manager at The iYell Co,. Ltd

"1 Click Purchase" is the Future of PropTech

  • Nami Hayata, Public Relations Specialist at GA technologies

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Thomas Gawlitta has been dealing with digital business models and online communication for 23 years. His university education at the Universities of Kassel and Göttingen, UCLA, the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of St.Gallen has always been dedicated to the topics of digital, PropTech and FinTech.


Thomas Gregor successfully completed the MBA course "FinTech - Future Commerce" at MIT in Boston in 2016. He is a student at Harvard Business School. He founded CommercialNetwork (sold to ImmobilienScout24) and SmartExposé (merged with allmyhomes). Thomas was the co-founder and CEO of proptech Coplannery.com.


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